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Wasteland Arts is a journal and newsletter of film criticism. We publish short and long essays on film from a variety of critical perspectives, particularly those concerned with aesthetics. We were founded in Berlin in the autumn of 2018 and are now based in Oxford.

In 2020 we founded our staff-run newsletter, featuring short essays on a selection of films. Each issue is themed and carefully curated to shed light on films we believe to be essential.


In 2021 we opened submissions to our newsletter.  Open issues feature external contributions. See our issue submissions page for more information about our current theme and how to submit.

Since its founding, Wasteland has evolved into a sustained vision of what film means to us as a collective.​ In its entirety and simplification, Wasteland is a paean to the art of cinema.

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Wasteland accepts pitches for film essays on a rolling basis. Whether a film is revered, misunderstood, lost beneath the mainstream, or an essential viewing — we want to hear your thoughts on it. We want short and long reads on films that have struck a chord with you. We want to understand your point of view.

Our current curiosities include but are not limited to aesthetics, scene analyses, and global cinema.

Find out what we’ve already covered on our website and pitch your idea (no drafts) to along with a few samples of your writing.  



For pitches and enquiries:

As we are volunteer-run, we cannot currently offer payment to any contributors. This is something we hope to change as we grow.

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