submissions for August's issue are open!

1974: a year of political scandal and paranoia; a year of hard-hitting thrillers, feverish comedies, slow-burning dramas, and escapist surrealism; a year of Waters, Altman, Wertmüller, Scola, Rivette, Akerman, Spielberg, Bergman, Wenders, Coppola, Cassavetes. 


Dig deep or defend the revered; we want short and long reads that delve into the films of 1974.



Pitch us the film you’d like to feature with a general idea of the approach you’d take. If accepted, we ask that you send us your essay via email linking to an editable google doc or attached as a docx file.


Deadline for draft submission:

31st July, midnight BST.

We look forward to hearing from you!



pitches, drafts, or any enquiries:

As we are volunteer-run, we cannot currently offer payment to any contributors. This is something we hope to change as we grow.