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This issue is dedicated to the cinema of odysseys, big and small. Think tales of wandering, travel, criminals-on-the-run, restless city dwellers; think road-movies or bildungsroman; think narratives of exile, grief, or of finding a sense of community; think films of expansive chronology or of rich and shifting landscapes. We're curious about films that move along the course of a journey — about films that bear a sense of geographic or spiritual progression.


Pitch us your essay with a general idea of the approach you’d take, and, if you haven't written for us before, include some samples of your writing. If accepted, we ask that you send us your essay (~700 words) via email linking to an editable google doc or attached as a docx file.


Deadline for pitching:

15th of April.

Deadline for draft submission:

30th of April.

We look forward to hearing from you!


pitches, drafts, or any enquiries:


As we are volunteer-run, we cannot currently offer payment to any contributors. This is something we hope to change as we grow.

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